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......Ease of Movement......Strength......

Leave pain and restrictions behind...Relax deeply into your soul......

Karen Michaels
BFA Boston Conservatory of Music (Dance)
Licensed Massage Therapist since 1985
Certified Zero Balancer since 1998
Certified Embodyoga teacher since 2007
Mentor for the Zero Balancing Health Association since 2008
Developer of Dynamic Balanced Movement

Therapeutic Bodywork and Movement Education geared towards releasing pain and restrictions, and increasing ease and well-being.

Many of us reinforce painful/restrictive movement patterns as we exercise/go about our daily routines. I help people to release those patterns and create more comfortable and efficient patterns, which disperses tension and increases ease, both physical and emotional. I also help people to find an inner sense of balance and calm.

My bodywork sessions offer the body the opportunity for change to occur on deep levels (see "Types of Sessions" page, and "Benefits of Massage" page). My movement education and stress reduction work can be incorporated into a bodywork session or received in a separate session. Classes and workshops are also offered.

“In essence, the quality of energy and structure-

and their relationship to one another in the body-

directly influences how well we function...

physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.”

Bodywork Beyond Massage offers Therapeutic Bodywork, Movement Education, Corrective Exercise and Conditioning, Postural Repatterning, Restorative Yoga sessions, Stress Reduction techniques, classes in Modern Dance, Ballet, Yoga, Dynamic Balanced Movement, and workshops in Dynamic Wellness.
Whether you are experiencing acute or chronic pain or are recovering post-injury/surgery, are interested in beginning an exercise program but do not feel drawn to traditional fitness sessions, are seeking bodywork to integrate high levels of intense physical activity, are looking for ways to reduce your general levels of stress and change how your body responds to stress, or are desiring increased wellness, Bodywork Beyond Massage offers sessions that may be just what you are looking for.
Sessions can focus on the client's physical structure (chronic pain, injury recovery, post-surgical healing, heavy physical training,etc.) or on the client's journey as a Being of Mind/Body/Spirit.
Guided breath/imagery work and other verbal guidance can be woven into a session as a way of increasing the client's contact with their physical or spiritual self.

Clients may come for a variety of reasons: "just to relax", to relieve acute/chronic pain, to learn new ways of moving through their lives, and to deepen their sense of ease and well-being.

Our daily lives are filled with functional movement: we walk across a room, reach for things, sit down for long periods of time; we may type or read for long periods of time, etc.. Often we reinforce painful/restrictive patterns. These patterns may have arisen as a result of an injury, or repeated use of less than ideal physical set-ups (perhaps a kitchen counter that is too high, a car seat not well-adjusted, a work station set-up not well-adapted to the individual).

My sessions, either therapeutic bodywork or functional movement repatterning, can help clients to release long-standing and recently acquired patterns of tightness and restriction. This can increase energy levels and the desire to walk and exercise, and many clients find a sense of deep relaxation that lasts long after a session.

Learning how to move through your daily routines using comfortable functional movement patterns can bring a sense of ease, well-being, and increased energy and interest to your life.

I also teach dance, Dynamic Balanced Movement, yoga, Dynamic Wellness workshops, and meditation.

......Flexible......Breath in Stillness......