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Sessions and Fees

My rates and sessions are set up with the hope of allowing affordabliity. Because I believe that having the opportunity to receive this work is important, I offer different length sessions and, if needed, a sliding fee. See my "Home" page for any current specials. If you are interested in coming for sessions but are on a limited budget check with me about sliding scale fees.

Receiving bodywork regularly makes a big difference for most people, even if it is "just" a 30-45 minute session every 4-6 weeks.

NOTE: You will be in my office for 5-15 minutes longer than the scheduled time of your session (first visit may be an additional 10 minutes).


15 minutes...............$15*

30 minutes..............$45

45 minutes..............$60

60 minutes..............$80

75 minutes..............$95

90 minutes.............$115

Please note that I am not set up to take credit/debit cards.

* The 15 minute session is available only for Zero Balancing. It is great for a quick "tune-up", or for before/after a chiropractic adjustment or physical therapist visit.

Although many therapists charge an additional $10 for deep tissue work, I charge one fee for the work that I do, based upon the length of time of the session.


Cancellations, Late Arrivals, and Missed Appointments

I realize life can be hectic, and that unexpected things sometimes happen. In order to allow me to schedule someone else in your appointment time, I ask for at least 24 hours advance notice if you find you need to cancel an appointment.

There is a $10 only charge for the first missed visit/late cancellation.

Any other appointments cancelled less than 24 hours before their scheduled time will be considered “late cancellations” and my policy is to charge the full fee. If you arrive late for your appointment, you will still be charged for the full session time. A missed appointment is considered a “late cancellation”, and a full fee will be charged.

Please understand that I have taken your appointment time into account when scheduling the rest of my clients.

If a client regularly cancels or misses appointments we will need to re-evaluate together and see if my work is appropriate for them at this time.

Any late cancellation fees need to be paid at the time of your next appointment.

Scheduling Your Appointment


Because Zero Balancing/Fascial Release Therapy sessions do not use oils and are received while the client is clothed, this can be a great way to begin your day - find your inner balance before you head into work!

In order to schedule your appointment, please call (413) 665-4977 . Appointments are generally scheduled between the hours of 8:00 a.m.- 5:00 p.m., Monday - Friday, and some Saturday mornings. Early morning, late afternoon, early evening, or Saturday appointments are sometimes available. Even if you work 9:00 - 5:00, we will manage to find a time that works. If you find the answering machine on, please leave a message. Because of my schedule, I am sometimes not able to return calls immediately. If I have not returned your call within 2 days, it would be because of an answering machine glitch; please call again. You may also leave a message if you have any questions about the work that I do, or about sliding scale fees, etc..

Before scheduling your first appointment, I will need to speak directly with you.

I look forward to sharing the benefits of therapeutic body work with you very soon!